Terence & Tiffany Wong
Based out of Vancouver, BC, I (Terence) have been a photographer since 2008. I started my career working at a family focused photography studio, known for its clean looks and timeless white backdrops. I quickly learned how important building a swift rapport with your subjects is – to ensure they are comfortable in front of the camera. Someone once said that it was more important to click with the person than it is to click the shutter button, and that is a fundamental value I hold true today. The more comfortable you are with me and my camera, the more genuine your images are. 
As the head photographer of Hello There Photography and The Portrait Studio, I am involved from the beginning to the end – from planning your session to bringing your vision to life to retouching your images – I will make every effort within my capacity to ensure your session is fun and memorable. Tiffany came into my life in the fall of 2015. After many dates, and her persistent wooing of me, we married in the summer of 2018. Tiffany has a background in Communications and is an integral part of the marketing side of our business. Since meeting her, Tiffany has supported and encouraged me to further pursue my photography passions. She often assists me in the field as my voice-activated light stand, and is a general warmth to help encourage kids to smile and make couples feel more comfortable and at ease during their photo sessions, especially for those who tend to be more camera shy. It is only during these cherished moments that Tiffany allows me to be the boss and tell her what to do. 
Together in 2022, we expanded our photography services and started what we call "The Portrait Studio" to provide memorable and meaningful experiences to guests during their milestones such as weddings, birthdays and even special corporate events. We realized how much we took these events with friends and loved ones for granted until Covid-19 came along. It became important to us to help capture these moments with our timeless portraits, not just for ourselves and those around us, but for everyone. When not behind the camera and lights, we both enjoy spending time with our friends and family, dining out, and exploring the city for incredible shooting locations. After selling my motorcycle, I developed a love for personal electric vehicles (PEVs) and decided it was safer to move from two wheels to a one-wheeled electric unicycle. You may have even seen me zooming by, riding the streets of Vancouver fast and furiously on my unicycle.
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